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Imagine how it would be if you could navigate the usual legal and regulatory mess with ease, and make better decisions as you scale your business or career growth. Regulatory and legal difficulties is a huge hurdle to doing business in India, and very few people have mastery over it. We are inviting you to find out more about how we can add a touch of magic to your growth. Here are some amazing success stories of our students who have taken up our courses.

I came across Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in the website of NUJS. Course contents are fantastic and explained in the easiest language. Overall, I found this course based on a very logical and practical approach which will clarifies every possible doubts. I have a keen interest in IPR Law, and here I found the module on IPR has been interestingly designed. The structure of the course and the tests were very useful. The entire unit of iPleaders is very cooperative. The contents of the course material are such, that it will automatically grow an interest in you to explore the course till the end.

Raka Paul

Associate, LawNK

The practical aspect of the course is very helpful in day-to-day legal battle as well. This course taught me a lot, cleared a lot of doubts on Business Laws. Quality-wise, contents are very educative and insightful. All the modules are brilliantly designed; webinars are very helpful and informative. The study materials are exceptionally good.
The entire unit of iPleaders, be it customer service or technical support, all of them are very helpful and quick. Overall it gave me a value addition to my career which is very satisfying for me. I’ll, of course, refer this course to others whoever wants to enhance their knowledge in Business Laws. I wish all the best to iPleaders for their future endeavours.

Shruti Patwardhan

Sr. Manager, Legal at Famy Care Limited

I have completed NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws from iPleaders. My overall experience was good. The entire team of iPleaders is very accommodative. All of them are very quick in every response. Guidance through webinars was very innovative. They are full of practical information which plays a very important part in this course. These webinars helps to understand the course contents better. Though the contents are wonderful and explained in the easiest manner. All the modules are designed in such a way that it will help the students to acquire practical knowledge about Business Laws. It helped me to learn various practical aspects of business laws.

Jubair Bhati

Student of Law, Raffles University

he activities at ‘iPleaders Club’ were designed to benefit the lawyers so that they can keep themselves updated with the latest trends in law. The overview of the course is too practical; I must say that iPleaders made me love business laws. I’ll definitely recommend this course to others, because I personally felt that it’s very rare to find a course like this which can give such a practical vision to business laws.

Roshni Patel

Legal Intern, Kaushal Shah & Associates

My interest was always in corporate law, so practical implementation of the knowledge that I have gathered from this course is not required in my current job profile. But I must say, the way this diploma course has been designed is far more interactive than any other PGD courses on Business Law that I have ever known so far. The entire journey was very satisfying. It gave me lot of clarity in business law. I’ll definitely refer this course to the qualified business professionals as it will give them lot of value additions and a practical knowledge on how a business should be.

Meenakshy Natesan

Lawyer, J. Sagar Associates

The webinars are all full of practical information, though access is limited. But it helped. Even the back-end team, tech-support and customer service team is very quick and helpful. I must say, they all are maintaining a very standard method of serving their students as far as imparting knowledge in Law is concerned. My overall experience was great throughout the course.

Mohammad Adi Alvi

BA LLB, IMS Law College

A very well structured programme. Contents are really good and it helped me to gain lot of knowledge on Business Laws. Unlike the study materials of Company Law in the Law colleges, the curriculum of this course is very practical. It helps in gaining lot of clarity in the practical understanding of law. I always wanted to do a Diploma in Company Law while I was doing my LLB.
I have gone through the course details of GNLU and quite few other industries. But the most youthful part of the Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws course of NUJS is, it’s online. You don’t have to travel anywhere or attend any classes to complete this course. So, it did not clash with my college exams to complete this course. So, I was able to balance my college classes along with this course so well.

Jahnavi Murthy

Law Student, ILS Law College

I was looking for a diploma course in Law which can give a value addition to my career in law. Came across the website of NUJS and liked this course. Very well designed and easy to access course. The regular assignments allotted during the course were of great help. The webinars were very informative. All the drafts helped me immensely. Study materials are awesome and I refer them whenever there is a requirement. Activities of ‘iPleaders Club’ are really helpful for students like us. It gives us lots of confidence.

Kanika Agarwal

Law Student

The course materials are too good to be available anywhere. I truly agree that this course gave me enough confidence to go ahead with the LLM. It has enhanced my Knowledge in Business Laws without which this would not have been possible.

Shefali Kone

LL.M, O. P. Jindal Global University

I did the Intellectual Property Law course from LawSikho in early 2017. I fnished the course 7 months back. The course content was really good. I loved the experience of being able to learn conveniently from the mobile app. I learned a lot of practical things about IP laws that did help me in my work in some situations. I really liked the videos and while reading text can be boring sometimes on the go, watching videos and learning is a pleasant experience and I could learn faster from videos

Namami Mathur

Review Executive at Thomson Reuters

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