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Imagine how it would be if you could navigate the usual legal and regulatory mess with ease, and make better decisions as you scale your business or career growth. Regulatory and legal difficulties is a huge hurdle to doing business in India, and very few people have mastery over it. We are inviting you to find out more about how we can add a touch of magic to your growth. Here are some amazing success stories of our students who have taken up our courses.

The course offers practical information which one can put to use, for example most books will tell you what formalities are to be completed for partnership registration but no one tells you where to go to register the partnership. This course even provides addresses of offices in various cities where you can get the partnership registered. There are several other pieces of real practical information available throughout the course. This makes it an outstanding course from a practical sense. Since I am doing my CS, I have already learnt drafting, still while I was going through the drafting module of the diploma course; I got to know several points which were not taught in CS course. I learnt a great deal of drafting from this course and this way it helped me with my CS preparation also.
I personally liked the modules on Tax and Accounting and Company Law. During my CS Executive exam, there was a question about Minimum Alternative Tax and I could answer that question effectively because I had studied about it in the diploma course. This concept is not explained very well in the CS course module and most of my friends had a hard time answering that question.

Harsha Kungwani

Associate at Career Toran

My expectations from the course were fulfilled and it gave me an edge over others. It provided the much needed practical knowledge which was missing in my college curriculum.
All the modules in the course are well designed with a lot of emphasis on practical knowledge. What all we learn in 3 years of law school, this course teaches you the practical aspect of all that in just one year.
Even the question papers were impeccable. Although it's an online course and students give exams from home, there is no way anyone can Google the answers. The questions have an analytical approach, there is no direct answer which can be just copy-pasted from somewhere. One can answer them correctly only if they have in-depth knowledge about the subject. This ensures that students study seriously and don't take it as just another online course.
I still have the sample drafts provided in the course as a handy reference tool, and refer them while drafting agreements for my clients.
I even got my first job through iPleaders, although I could not join that because of logistical issues. I acknowledge iPleaders for getting me my first job.

Ayushi Gupta

Associate at Meharia & Company

I work in a tech company with a lot of IP, the advanced issues I learned in the course regarding IP and Information Technology laws really help me to advise my senior management and have informed conversation with experts about these issues. In fact, my organization sponsored me to take up this course.
I was able to access the course comfortably and I am very happy with the course because it was very easy for me to pursue it online. Giving exams online and submitting assignments was very easy and a satisfying experience. The study material is amazing. It is not like usual legal textbooks that focus on sections and case laws, and it was really easy to learn concepts and practical issues that I may have to deal with at work anytime. Professionally it was very beneficial for me.
I am going to mentor future students in this course as is the tradition. I have always received great support from the iPleaders team whenever necessary. I will strongly recommend this course to other in-house counsels for rapidly learning a lot of areas of business law in a comprehensive manner.

Mohammed Azharuddin

In-house Legal counsel at Borderless Access Panels

As the day zero recruitment session came closer, I started preparing for the interviews. Apart from legal knowledge, there are several finer aspects of interview preparation. At this point I got in touch with iPleaders as career support is provided to all students and alumni of the course by experts from iPleaders. I was provided a personal session on CV advice which helped me a lot. I was told about the shortcomings in both CV drafting and my understanding of the subject matter covered in my CV. I was advised to understand the basic details pertaining to mergers & acquisitions. I was provided guidance on how to prepare for interviews. When I was in need of such assistance, the diploma course had indeed come as a blessing.

The instructions had given me a direction to work towards my goal successfully in a structured manner. I carried out research in the relevant subject areas and studied the same to the extent that they were relevant to the subject matter covered in my CV. This indeed ensured my performance in the interviews.

Sravya Kopparapu

Associate, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, NALSAR 2016

These 30 days changed my life and turned it upside down. The only difference is I was inverted then, these 30 days brought my vision and focus towards the correct path.

Anubhav Kumar Pandey

RGNUL Patiala (he wrote 50 published articles in 30 days during the internship)

An one month internship with iPleaders helped me drastically in enhancing my creativity, intellectual capacity as well as research and writing skills.

Sreeraj KV

Government Law College, Ernakulam

The sessions held by the iPleaders to boost the will of students to do better and help them in there career has played a major role in my life, as it helped me to choose my career. I was always worried about my career as there are many fields in law, and I did not know the area of my interest. However, one of the great sessions held by Ramanuj Sir did not only boost up my optimism about what all I can do, but also helped me set my goals. Kudos IPleaders! You did what no one else ever could do..! I will always be grateful.

Soumya Deshawar

UPES, Dehradun

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