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Imagine how it would be if you could navigate the usual legal and regulatory mess with ease, and make better decisions as you scale your business or career growth. Regulatory and legal difficulties is a huge hurdle to doing business in India, and very few people have mastery over it. We are inviting you to find out more about how we can add a touch of magic to your growth. Here are some amazing success stories of our students who have taken up our courses.

Thanks to this course, now while Negotiating, making a contract or co-founder agreement I know what points to include. Knowing the basics have really helped. I knew the basics earlier also as I have done my CA. But this course was bang on it, to the point information. This makes it easy to refer.
When I'm documenting or making papers, I know I have an online resource to refer rather than just remembering it all. This aspect of the course really comes handy.
I personally liked the Module on intellectual property rights, as it's directly related to my work.
In future I plan to continue innovating. I would like to join a company which facilitates me and gives space to innovate. This course would come handy then also, as where ever I go legal aspects would always be there.

Shradha Agarwal

Business Developer, Speaking Walls

This course provided an overview of all the related laws, knowledge of business law and basic compliance was very beneficial for me. My expectations from the course were totally fulfilled.
This particular course is more about knowledge rather than any particular skill. How to set up a company, how to wind up a company, different procedures and compliances which need to be followed, all this is knowledge. As leaders, you have to follow certain compliances and take care of your employees as well. You might not be able to do it right away when you start up but you have it at the back of your mind that you need to do it in next six months or one year. The knowledge gained through this course helps you create that vision for your company.
Personally, I found the module on Mergers and Acquisitions to be most informative and beneficial
The future plan is to grow my companies and take them forward. This course would certainly help me in my future vision. This course helps you understand things like how to raise funds for your company, what all things to take care of to ensure your interest is taken care of even after getting funding or equity for your company.

Dhrumil Parekh

Director at Geruda Support Services (P) Ltd.

I wanted to gain practical knowledge of business law and wanted an online course which would help me in that as I could not devote time to a full-time course. I was already doing a course from NUJS and I got to know about the online Diploma course from there only. I looked at the syllabus and was very impressed with its content and decided to join the course. I must say that this course has not just met my expectations but exceeded it.
In my current role, I'm heavily into negotiations, to negotiate and to understand policies; you need the knowledge of law. Some knowledge of business and commercial law helps in negotiating and this course has empowered me with that knowledge.
What I appreciate the most about this course is that it goes beyond the course content. Webinars, interactive sessions, provision to discuss queries in a social environment like Facebook; where your question is not just answered by the experts but other students also share their thoughts on it. These things help you to go in the right direction.

Raja Mukherjee

Partner and Consulting Head at Suraj Infratech

My purpose of joining the NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws was more of gaining practical knowledge rather than an absolute requirement. However, this course has helped me understand concepts of business law.
I would say this is a very good course for understanding business law basics.
Modules on banking and finance, employment law, copyright, trademark, structuring a business, IT Law etc were very beneficial. Even the module on taxation laws was very informative.
I still get back to the course and read it regularly to keep myself updated. The way the course is designed makes it very handy; support like the Facebook group is a unique concept. I have posted my queries on Facebook group many times and got a timely response to them.

Ila Vyas

Associate at Suvan Law Advisors

Content wise this course is very good. It is designed in a manner that a person who is not from a legal background can also follow it. Innovative concepts like live webinars with industry experts etc make it very interesting and easy to follow.
The module on structuring a business was very informative; I personally benefitted the most from this module.
What I learnt from this course is something I did not get to learn in my law school, this course gives you a practical insight. Unfortunately, I'm unable to apply much of my learning from the course in my current role, as I deal in civil law and land related law only. But I've gained a lot of practical knowledge about business laws from this course.

Solomon Porus

Senior Manager I R & Compliance

iPleaders helped me to think like a professional and not like a student. I even landed my first job at a law firm in Mumbai through career support by iPleaders.

Pranusha Kulkarni

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc) at Tamil Nadu National Law School

The course syllabus covered a wide range of subjects and focussed more on the practical aspects of the law. Webinars by industry experts were the highlight of the course structure; it gave practical insights into complex subjects in an easy-to-comprehend and interactive manner.
The Delhi University law curriculum is broad based and not particularly focussed on Corporate Laws, whereas most of my internships were in Corporate Law. In order to acquire a strong foundation in Corporate Law, I searched for a suitable course to enhance my knowledge. The NUJS diploma course fit the bill.
My expectations from the course were fulfilled and it gave me an edge over others. It provided me additional confidence in dealing with my assignments in my current job.
All the course modules were well designed but I personally found the module on drafting to be very practical and beneficial.

Ritunjay Gupta

Associate at J. Sagar Associates

I was very impressed by the course syllabus; it was very extensive and covered almost everything I wanted. This has helped me gain knowledge about sections I was not much aware of; sections which I hardly came across in my law school.
My college curriculum didn't cover all this and I found it to be very knowledgeable. This course has helped me in my college studies also, as many of the aspects and topics covered in this diploma course were part of my final year course syllabus. Having advance knowledge of these gave me an edge over others and made it very easy for me cope with my law school studies.
I especially found the modules on IPR and Company Laws to be very informative. Webinars were another aspect of this course which I appreciate a lot; webinars with industry experts gave us practical insight into various topics. The webinar on 'How to go about a show cause notice' was the most beneficial webinar as per me. Show cause notice is the first step of litigation and this webinar helped me clear my concepts.

Rakshitha V. N

Lawyer, Karnataka, High Court

The webinars in this course are very helpful; they put you in direct contact with the most reputed people in the field and give you an insight into their perspective on different concepts.
The most important skill that I gained from this course is writing skills, I learnt to write things in a simple way without complicating the subject. Now I'm able to write on complex legal subjects in a simple easy to understand manner. My drafting skills also improved to a great extent from this course. I even learnt to appreciate and read laws with a perspective of applying it practically, which is very crucial for a lawyer.
The module which I personally found to be most informative was the one on raising investment; it gives an idea about overall functioning of the company, equity financing, debt financing etc.
In one of my jobs, we were dealing with a company which was inoperative since incorporation and we were looking into the financing of that company. The knowledge I had acquired through this module helped me a lot in researching and contributing to that case.

Kavya B. S

Junior Associate at Shree Law Chambers

I feel that this course opens new avenues for law students as they can learn lots of things from this course and expand their skill set.
My purpose of joining the course was fulfilled and it has been a wonderful journey for me as I was able to secure my current job because of this course.All the modules in the course are designed in an impeccable manner but I personally found the module on tax laws to be most beneficial for me. As there is not much focus on tax laws, SEBI and other business related matters in the law school curriculum, this course helped me in those areas and I am able to utilize this knowledge in my current job. I also developed my drafting skills and knowledge about business laws through this course.
The mentorship assistance provided in this course is very helpful for students as well as for mentors, I'm also a mentor for one of the groups. This has helped me improve my skills and knowledge, as I am asked lots of questions by the group members and I have to research and refresh my knowledge in order to answer those questions. This helps me improve my skills as well.

Uttam Sharma

Lawyer at Sharma Kajaria and company

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