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Imagine how it would be if you could navigate the usual legal and regulatory mess with ease, and make better decisions as you scale your business or career growth. Regulatory and legal difficulties is a huge hurdle to doing business in India, and very few people have mastery over it. We are inviting you to find out more about how we can add a touch of magic to your growth. Here are some amazing success stories of our students who have taken up our courses.

I'm very satisfied with the course and delighted to say that my decision was not wrong. iPleaders have kept their word, this Diploma course has imparted knowledge which was missing in my MBA. The best part of the course was the fact that it was totally online. The syllabus was so well planned that devoting even one to two hours a day was more than enough to study. This makes it a very good course for people who are working professionals or pursuing another full-time course.
I would be more than willing to refer this course to anyone who wants in-depth and practical knowledge about business laws. I have already referred few of my friends and relatives. I believe this course is helpful for people irrespective of their professional background. You do not even have to be a graduate to apply for this course, the minimum qualification required is senior secondary pass. This makes the NUJS diploma accessible to more people. However, as per me it's especially beneficial for Law student, CAs and people looking forward to starting their business.

Pardeep Kumar

Asst Manager HR and Administration

My purpose of joining the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws was totally fulfilled. Content wise the course is very good. Especially the chapters related to how agreements are to be drafted and vetted, what are the precautions to be taken, how clauses can be negotiated etc.
This diploma course taught me the non-commercial aspects of drafting an agreement and to negotiate them. When things go wrong and agreements need to be referred, the clarity of agreement helps a lot. So when I draft agreement with this kind of knowledge and meticulous attention. It is acknowledged and appreciated by the management.
Although I'm not from a legal background I look after litigation related to trademarks for my present company and the practical knowledge of law gained through the NUJS diploma helps me in performing this task with ease.
I found the module on business structuring to be very helpful because in my current organization there is often a need to create an offshoot and decision has to be taken about its structure based on factors like taxation, flexibility of operations, ease of regulations, etc. So what I learnt in the module on business structuring comes handy to me.

Milind Talegaonkar

Sr. Manager CS & Legal at ERIS Lifesciences

I find all the modules in the course to be immensely helpful, but the module which helped me the most in my career are drafting and Information Technology Laws. As I work with an IT MNC, the module on Information Technology law is also very helpful to me.
In future, I plan to do my Ph.D. in competition law and I believe the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws would help me in that too. The course has a module on competition laws and the basics are explained in that and like it's said “getting your basics right is all that matters.”
I would surely recommend the-the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws to others, irrespective they are from a law background or not. I feel this course is for everyone. Anyone who wants some knowledge about the law can benefit from this course.

Krishanu Das

Associate Manager - Legal at NEC Technologies India Ltd.

I found the course to be exceptional. This course helped me update my knowledge and exceeded the expectations I had from it. Entrepreneurship, startups, etc. were not my forte and this course helped me strengthen my hold on these laws as well as to update my knowledge about the latest developments in law.
I found the webinars to be very informative and helpful; it gives you an opportunity to directly interact with experts in different fields of law. The module on Intellectual Property helped me a lot in working with my clients. The module on contract helped me in a case; the examples given in the Master Level Service Agreement came very handy when I had to suggest my client about a similar situation.

Chandan Kumar Mohanty

Partner, Lexican India

I was very impressed by the course syllabus; it was very extensive and covered almost everything I wanted. I decided to take up this course because along with the syllabus I liked the course duration too. It was neither long nor too short. A one year diploma course looked just perfect to me.
It provided the in-depth practical knowledge of different laws which I was looking for and I strongly feel that this course has added value to my profile. This has helped me in gaining knowledge about sections I was not much aware of, sections which I hardly used in my day to day work.
I especially found the modules on arbitration to be very informative. I benefitted the most from the drafting exercises. I'm unable to apply much of my learning from this diploma course as I'm into criminal law, but this course has certainly enhanced my knowledge and skills.

Deepal Thakkar

Criminal Lawyer at Bombay High Court

Content wise the course is very good. It is designed in a manner that a person who is not from a legal background can also follow it. I have benefitted the most from the chapters related to how agreements are to be drafted and vetted, what are the precautions to be taken, how clauses can be negotiated etc.
The module on labour laws and company formation was also very informative; it has helped me to add value to the organisation where I work by involving in some of these parameters. I'm able to contribute to company in form of advice on labour laws while hiring somebody.
This course has empowered me to an extent that I not only understand what my legal team is doing, I also engage in discussions with them regarding different policies, clauses in agreements etc.

Harveer Singh Chadha

General Manager, IKAN Relocation Services

I was in my final year at the time, this course seemed almost tailor-made for my needs of wanting to brush up on my skills before I embarked on a career in corporate law. I decided to take up this course because it provided the in-depth practical knowledge of different laws which I was looking for and I strongly feel that this course has added value to my profile.
A module that I personally found extremely beneficial was the one on Raising Investments. Since my current professional focus is on corporate transactions, especially in the nature of private equity, this module was particularly helpful in introducing concepts that I make use of on a day to day basis today. The syllabus and study material is also structured in a way in which one can find answers to specific questions about the law easily, which often comes in very handy.
This course has definitely helped me prepare for a career in corporate law; can still refer to the course and get good direction from it.

Huma Roohi

Associate at CounsePro - Advocates & Legal Consultants

I was very impressed by the course syllabus. I found this course to be blended towards my passion and what I wanted to learn, and this made me go for it. Personally, the most interesting topic for me was formulating a business and FDI. Foreign investments was also an interesting topic and in line with my business interest.
I liked the module on drafting also. However, I don't use it much in my day to day work. I have a legal team which handles drafting for my organization as it's a very critical area.
My expectations from this course are more than fulfilled. Before this course, I did not have much idea about how to see an investor, how I should approach an investor, what I should agree and what I should not, etc. This course has given me all necessary insight about these aspects. I have not invited any investor to invest in my startup yet, but I may look out for investors for my future ventures this knowledge would come handy then. As I plan to start two more ventures once my current venture stabilizes.

Karthick Raj

Founder director at Global Talent Hires

I was start struck with the tag of NUJS. It is such a prestigious and reputed name when it comes to legal education. When such an established brand is backing a course it has to be credible. You can trust the course and be assured that the course material would be authentic and up to the mark.
My purpose of joining the course is totally fulfilled, I have gained all the knowledge I wanted from this course. I saved a lot of money which I would have given to legal counsels if I had not taken this course.
I did not have to use any legal firm to set up my company. I did not have any issues while dealing with the Registrar of Company. Because of the legal knowledge, I gained from this course; I did not employ or engage any legal firm in setting up my company. Till date, I frame my company's terms and conditions and other legal documents.

Gaurav Pratap Singh


I had done my MBA in HR, I had a vague idea about the basic laws but this course has helped me strengthen my basics.
The module on corporate governance was very useful. Personally, I found this module to be very beneficial. Drafting is an integral part of my role and I handle this regularly at my work. The knowledge gained through this course on drafting is really helping me excel in this area of my work.
My future plan is to start up my own company in the field of HR and compliance matters one day. I'm sure this course and the knowledge gained through it would come handy then also.

Aniruddha Bakshi

HR Head, Shalimar group

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