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About the Course

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Duration: 3 months

Relevance of Knowledge of Corporate Finance

Learn how Corporate Finance is the fulcrum of any business right from start to end, be it inception, running operations or growth and stability of a company. Right from starting finance, investment finance to long-term finance, the fate of a company hinges strongly on the foresight and financial management of the decision-makers. The role of the decision makers is to maximise the shareholder value through a steady mix of short-term and long term planning and investment.

Some of the key questions that this course aims to offer are:

  1. How to decide if an investment proposal should be given mandate or not
  2. Should a company pay for its investment finance with equity, debt or an appropriate combination of both
  3. When is a right time to offer dividends to shareholders of a company
  4. Is the current liquidity in the company sufficient to finance short-term working capital needs
  5. On what terms should a company buy new machines or infrastructure
  6. What are the investment decisions a company should make

A corporate finance professional is trained to prepare capital budgets. In layman’s terms, she/ she is responsible to determine the major and minor expenses in a company, determine the future cashflows from different revenue streams and plan the tranches in which investment capital would be spent and decide the priority order of projects on the capital budget list. Poor capital budgeting decisions can lead to increased financial costs or falling short on its operating capacity leading to very weak financial condition in any company.

The other important objective achieved by capital budgeting is figuring out the optimal way to source funds for any business, either as equity or debt. The source of funds could be traditional systems such as banks, NBFCs, other financial intermediaries or it could be through issuance of debt securities through investment banks or sell stocks to the equity investors through stock exchanges. The key is to learn how to fine-tune the relative balance between debt and equity in order achieve the lowest cost of capital beneficial for a company.

Benefits of Pursuing Online Certificate Course in Corporate Finance

Learn to gauge the capital structure of a firm: Is too much debt likely to cause the company to default on its payments or is heavy reliance on equity leading to diluted earnings and reduced value for early investors

Learn the importance of managing short-term money management, meet all the due current liabilities or arrange back-up funds in case of unforeseen costs or contingencies

Learn how to relationship of corporate finance with other functional areas in a business such as production or purchase or marketing, human resource planning and more

Learn the legal requirements that are critical to be fulfilled when raising funds. There are different regulations governing the risk and benefits of different sources of fund if you are a Sole Proprietorship, LLP, Pvt. Ltd. or Public Ltd. Company

Gain to improve your analytical skills, quantitative skills and gain clear grasp of impact of law in helping you grow your business or potential legal and compliance risks.

What Law students stand to gain

  1. Being a lawyer, it is relatively easier to break into traditionally finance specific segments such as investment banking, hedge funds, private equity etc. Knowledge of Corporate Finance build a base to develop expertise in comparison to plain vanilla MBAs.
  2. Knowing Corporate Finance is a key enabler during the internships at various companies because you understand what drives revenue to the business and any potential legal hazards that might impact it adversely. The chances of securing a Pre-placement offer improve multifold
  3. Corporate Finance and law is a deadly combination which is one of the most sought after in the business world. Indigo’s President Aditya Ghosh is a case-in-point.
  4. A training in corporate finance arms the lawyers with a knowledge of capital budgeting and exposure to investment decisions which helps them analyse the legal loopholes or potential legal liabilities to save costs for the firm. A law intern with this depth of knowledge is better placed than peers to land a consulting or full-time position

What Law practitioners stand to gain

  1. Lawyers are already armed with checking the paperwork and identifying the devils in in the detail. After completing this course, they will learn how to drive the transactions and business decisions in a more efficient manner than the business graduate peers.
  2. For a lot of lawyers, real estate finance could be a very lucrative career transition as real estate have several points of overlap with law, there are complex contracts written prior to commencing construction activities.
  3. Lawyers will be armed with the knowledge related to distressed assets sicen multiple legal norms overlap with it
  4. Draft well balanced advise by up-skilling yourself with knowledge of Corporate Finance. Your agreements would reflect better education and quality of delivery if and when they are executed
  5. A large number of legal proceedings require financial statements to be presented and an acute understanding of what led the numbers to appear in the first place. Being a lawyer armed with knowledge of corporate finance, you will be able improve your prospects of case in favour. Ultimately, it will help you expand your practice without depending on accountants and book-keepers

What professionals stand to gain

  1. A collaborative workplace relies upon cross functional knowledge. Having a strong conceptual understanding of corporate finance would help in better project execution. Professionals who can learn and apply capital budgeting concepts stand out amongst peers and can expect better bonus and promotion offers
  2. This course is designed to evaluate the potential revenue and costs associated with financing any new project, idea or campaign. A manager who understands finance is better placed to identify the return on investment and hence, bargain a better allocation in budgets from Finance department
  3. By learning corporate finance, you are better placed to switch departments and seek career growth and development across new verticals.

What entrepreneurs stand to gain

  1. Enrolling into the certificate course for corporate finance, an entrepreneur will gain a better understanding of business models and future opportunities
  2. Learn how to use financing as a tool to become more successful in your current market
  3. Evaluate all the options of financial instruments available at your disposal, verify the risks associated with it and select the appropriate financing vehicle
  4. Learn what drives the valuation of your business and how to fix revenue leaks that might adversely harm your valuation and hence fund-raising capacity

Role of Corporate Finance in accelerating career growth

Lawyers who understand corporate finance are some of the most prized and sought-after professionals in the legal world. They are a rare combination of intellect and proficiency for numbers. Knowledge of Corporate Finance is going to enable a lawyer to move up the career ladder faster than the conventional strategy of career growth and development.

How can I access this course

It is simple and a matter of few clicks

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  4. Upon successful registration and payment, you will be able to access the course after 2 hours
  5. Since the course is completely delivered online, you can access it on the move
  6. Our robust learning management system is well optimized across all devices.

Happy Learning!

The brains behind the course

The course has been created by veterans such as Abhyuday Agarwal, Amartya Bag and Vanita Bhatnagar. The team credited with creating this course comes with a cumulative team experience of 90 years of expertise. They have strived hard to blend the nuances of practical and theoretical world in the field of Corporate Finance

Is this course certified

Yes, Absolutely. This online course is certified by iPleaders (a legal education platform of Intelligent Legal Risk Management Solutions LLP), a leading online education start-up which is committed to make quality education accessible and affordable to masses. Industry veterans and stalwarts are part of iPleaders’ Academic Panel to offer a relevant blend of theoretical and practical application of the law and business expertise.

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Course Contents

Relationship between accounting and corporate finance
Methods of raising finance - Equity investment, debt and loans
Sources of finance - Public markets, private markets, foreign markets

Stages in raising equity investment
Instagram Case Study for startup fund-raising
Sources of equity investment - promoters, parent company, associate companies, foreigners, residents and PE and VC investors
How to raise equity investment from each source
Pre-emption rights, private placement and preferential allotments
Corporate compliances and procedures for raising equity investments
How to use domestic capital markets for equity finance

Facilities available from banks and NBFCs
How to issue debentures and bonds
Listing of debt instruments

Financial reporting under companies law
Branch and subsidiary level reporting
Overview of reporting for banks, NBFCs and core investment companies
Cost audits
Role of independent directors and audit committees

Control rights available to equity investors and lenders
Stock exchange related issues
Takeover Code-related issues
How to use of international markets for debt finance - ECBs, syndicate loans
Long-term and infrastructure financing
How corporate deposits work, chit funds and Sahara case study
Exit provisions for investors
How to move assign loans and non-performing assets
Introduction to securitization

Industry Academia Panel

Abhyuday Agarwal

COO and Co-founder, iPleaders

Amartya Bag

Former Insurance Lawyer at Reliance General Insurance and Product Manager at iPleaders

Success Stories

Imagine how it would be if you could navigate the usual legal and regulatory mess with ease, and make better decisions as you scale your business or career growth. Regulatory and legal difficulties is a huge hurdle to doing business in India, and very few people have mastery over it. We are inviting you to find out more about how we can add a touch of magic to your growth. Here are some amazing success stories of our students who have taken up our courses.

I am a computer science engineer by education, but an entrepreneur by profession. Having had no formal education in running a business I was always led to a lot of "learning the hard way". When iPleaders launched the course for Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws, in an e-learning mode I took up the course with the objective to understand all legal nuances related to running a business. The course covered things like; understanding of ESOP, Sweat Equity, Company Policy, License agreements, IP related law, EULA and lots of other content which made sense for our business.

Atul Gupta

Managing Director of InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd

I joined the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws while I was working with the Calcutta Stock Exchange. I had already done my LLB and was looking for a course which would give me some practical insight. I came across the NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws while searching the internet. I was looking for some course for value addition to my profile and knowledge. I had already done my LLB and MBA but wanted some practical knowledge. This course appealed to me, as it was dealing with business laws and I was working with a corporate. So this course was very significant to me and covered things which were relevant to me.

Sumit Sengupta

CFA, LL.B, Legal Counsel, Calcutta Stock Exchange

All modules in this course are meticulously designed with the emphasis on practical knowledge and it's very difficult to say which module was more informational than the other. Still, I particularly found the modules on statutory compliances, due diligence, business structuring and institutional financing to be really beneficial for me because I wanted practical insight into these topics. Non-lawyers such as businessmen are usually afraid of legal jargons that are found in books; however, this course uses a very simple and easy to understand language and therefore I recommend this course to all those who wish to enhance their business law knowledge.

Harshal Joshi

Legal Head, Legal Dog, LL.C

This course is something that would simply catalyze the process and help you in creating the best path for yourself. Being armed with a diploma in law from a prestigious national law school in itself speaks volumes – it gives the signal to the people working with you that your understanding of legal and regulatory situation should be and can be taken seriously. Given the kind of work I'm into, it does help a lot indeed, especially as one climbs the stairs of seniority and responsibility. The early headstart in legal strategy making and insights into dispute resolution is also a superb advantage.
Also joining the course has given me a new fraternity. It indeed feels great to have been associated with iPleaders…and I would be glad to continue with this relationship. I continue to get professional support from them. You can always reach out to the alumni or iPleaders founders themselves and ask for a favour.
I would strongly recommend this course to people (age no bar, beyond fulfilling the eligibility criteria) who are interested in bringing out something new (in any form) which shall be innovative and meaningful in the long run, and those who are interested in organization building – as the course helps in minimizing the number of legal and strategic hurdles that one may face after taking the plunge. You will be much more educated and smart with respect to a whole range of things once you even go through the course even partially.

Abhilash Acharya

Doctoral Fellow, IIM Ranchi

The placement support program offered by iPleaders was useful in securing my first job at Innove Law (a niche corporate law firm in Mumbai).

Unnita Bhattacharya

Associate at Krishnamurthy & Co.

This course has given me valuable insights such as drafting various agreements with clients, dealing with clients, and also choosing right organization structure my own venture and was able to help other entrepreneur in structuring their new venture.
Skills I learned during the course structuring a company, appoint advisors and remunerate them, drafting Co-Founder's Agreement, taxation of software product and SAAS companies, clear understanding of Shareholders' Meetings, legal instruments, Shareholders' Agreement, how to raise investments effectively, drafting employment agreement, Structuring ESOP& ESPS, How to avoid disputes and drainage of resources through courtroom battles, Data protection under Indian law, Cloud computing agreements, How to obtain copyright, trademark and patent registration in India.
Definitely student entrepreneurs studying in college will get a lot of benefits from this course. Interested students will be motivated like me to pursue their entrepreneurial journey keeping balance with various entrepreneurship network system, they can easily create a successful business venture without any hindrance.


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