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Are you getting too caught up in work to spend time on developing your practice, building your reputation and brand or meeting the next big clients?


It is the story of every lawyer until they figure out how to rise above these waves of daily chore, firefighting, unsatisfied clients, disappointing performance from admin and communication failures.


Legal practice management is not an easy task, and one has to learn it.


You can either learn small lessons from trial and error, every now and then, or learn it systematically and apply the lessons to your law practice in a focussed and organized manner.


Surely, doing it systematically can make a world of difference. It is much less painful and far more profitable.


Additionally, the legal industry is evolving too rapidly for comfort. Machine learning and artificial intelligence threaten to take over, and yet millions of lawyers are poised to join the profession in a few years.


How will it affect your practice over next 5 years - what do you need to do differently?


Let us learn by standing on the shoulders of giants.


We are therefore proud to announce the Nani Palkhivala Law Practice Management course for young lawyers, in memory of Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala, arguably the greatest jurist to walk the court halls of India.


The material is distilled from the experience and wisdom of the most successful lawyers and business managers from other service domains such as consulting, advertising, market research.


Mission of the Nani Palkhivala Course on Law Practice Management


We’ve designed the course to create a new generation of leaders in the legal industry.


We also aim to create a close-knit ecosystem of practitioners who can build on each other's experience and grow together.


This NP-LPM Course contains:


  1. Your personal website, in compliance with BCI Rules [hosted on your chosen domain name]
  2. Complete automation of your practice with a subscription to the LIBRA Practice Management Tool
  3. “Case Studies” - Stories of the best lawyers and what they did, rolled out on a periodic basis
  4. “Lessons in Excellence” where we offer you the habits of the best practitioners and give you a roadmap to follow
  5. “Public Meetings” where we schedule lectures with the best legal minds where they share their thoughts and guidance to course participants
  6. Libraries of Legends - A look at the libraries of 10 great lawyers
  7. Readers are Leaders - A list of books which rising stars and legends read and recommend
  8. “Day in the life of” - What does a day look like, in the life of the biggest names in the Supreme Court? Get some stunning insights into how they manage their day and their life
  9. Lessons and tutorials prepared exclusively for young lawyers and small firms, hungry for more



What will you learn in NP-LPM?


  • How to generate leads - What can you do to drastically increase the number and quality of incoming queries for services?


  • How to make your practice efficient - How will you put the administrative aspects of your law practice (a very critical element to succeeding) on autopilot so that it frees you from being engaged in delivering work to existing clients, to developing new clients? Can you get someone else to take care of the minutiae? In short, make your work about work.


  • Going online - how much should you be present on the internet? How do you go from being completely offline to having a web presence and a website? How do I build a website which complies with the Bar Council rules?


  • Building connections - How should you build connections with others using your website and the power of the internet? How should you expand your social media presence?


  • Expansion of practice - how can you hire people and get more work done by each person? What approaches work best to scale your business? What are the best practices to hire and retain clients? What have those who succeeded done differently?


  • More time for yourself - Building a well-oiled machine is the key to you living a fulfilled life. How do you make your practice a well-oiled machine? What tools, technology and resources can I use to ensure I get the best out of practice, and out of life?


  • Winning habits - What are the habits and rituals practiced by the leaders in the industry? How does a day in the life of a legal luminary look like? What books do they read? What do they do to increase their productivity and output? All this, and more.


Is this for me?


The NP-LPM Course is for you, if:


  1. You run a legal practice and are aiming at expanding it [there are 10,28,000 others like you!]
  2. You run a law firm, and looking forward to growing it [we have the fastest growing pool of law firms in the world, here in India]


What will be the cost of the Course?

By paying INR 12,000 you will get access to this course and three months of complementary access to Libra Legal Practice Management Software


Note that this program is exclusively for practicing lawyers.


Why is this course named after Nani Palkhivala?


Nani Palkhivala was the greatest lawyer in India, and his contribution to the practice of law is immeasurable. It is a tribute to this legal giant that we are naming our course after him. 


Some of the people behind the course:


Ramanuj Mukherjee: CEO of LawSikho and


LawSikho and are India’s biggest online legal courses platforms. Ramanuj has also been involved in, a legal technology platform automating legal processes for lawyers and end users.


Hrishikesh Datar: Founder of VakilSearch


Libra by Vakilsearch is a software that takes the pain out of practice - by automating your cause-lists, allowing you to run a clean calendar and delegate tasks, managing your billing, helping with legal research and specialized IP, Criminal Law and Company Research and feeding you news, formats of practically every legal document and also court procedures.


Vakilsearch is India’s leading legal technology startup, which has successfully commoditized and completely transformed the industry as far as registration of businesses, trademark and secretarial services are concerned.


Abhyuday Agarwal: Co-founder at LawSikho and ClikLawyer


Abhyuday has launched over 20 online legal courses that have been widely appreciated. He has also launched corporate compliance and legal learning programs that have been used by companies like Samsung, JCB, BCG etc. and thousands of their employees and executives.

History of Legal Practice Management and future outlook in India


Running a law practice has never been easy. Building it, growing it, making it stable can be nerve wracking. There are just so many aspects to it: finding clients, keeping them, identifying the right practice areas, getting the right partners on board and hiring employees, training your lawyers to do high quality work, setting the right expectations with clients, relationship management with key clients and partners, communication with clients, revenue and budget planning, brand building, managing the quality of work as the volume of work grows, use of technology to streamline work and administration, even sending bills to clients on time and collection - I could go on and on.


And still, all these even do not begin to describe the challenges every lawyer face in managing a legal practice - be it a chamber of litigators or a law firm.


It can be overwhelming. Most lawyers find it impossible to expand without having to clone themselves into two or three people.


How do lawyers grow a large practice without losing all their hair, sleep and whatever else is precious to them?


This is a question that not many have tried to answer in India. In the USA, however, things have been very different. As long back as in 1957, Charles S. Rhyne after becoming the President of the American Bar Association, declared that his major objective will be to start a “comprehensive program to aid members of the ABA in the field of economics of law practice”. He set up a committee which was given the charge of “development of practical suggestions to lawyers, designed to improve their economic status” while the ABA made a lot of effort through its staff, local bar associations and various committees to help lawyers in their “business phase”.


By 1961, ABA started distributing a Lawyer's Handbook to all those who joined the bar association. Some lawyers traveled through the US teaching and talking about law practice management, which was later followed by national conferences on law practice management organized by ABA that were attended not only by US lawyers but many foreign lawyers as well. This was followed by a massive demand of support from American lawyers about how to implement principles of sound management, and the ABA now has a full-fledged Law Practice Division that looks into economic aspects of law practice and helps lawyers to deal with the same. This is how law practice management, as a discipline, was born.


The result of focusing on this economic aspect of law practice over half a century is self-evident in the USA. The legal profession has benefited immensely, leading to a massive growth in stature as well as the financial success of lawyers in the USA. This has also benefited the end users of legal services as when the lawyer manages his practice better, the clients get superior results and a better experience working with the lawyer. According to US government census of 2003, the size of legal services market was more than double of accounting services market, and almost double of that of management, technical and scientific consulting services combined together and was the top professional service amongst all.


How is the situation in India?


In India, on the other hand, the Bar Associations have done little to help lawyers to set up or expand their practice. The myth is that you spend 5/10/15 years at the bar and from experience, you become a great lawyer and automatically have a great law practice. In fact, many guardians of the legal profession are not even willing to consider that there is a business aspect to the practice of law. It may seem implausible that such thought exists in a country where several law firms earn over INR 100 crores in a year and employ hundreds and hundreds of lawyers and non-legal staff, and employ management consultancy firms like McKinsey and BCG to figure out how to expand their businesses even further, young lawyers with fledgling practices and entrepreneurial spirit are told that law is not a business and simply putting in many years at the bar will make them great lawyers. The hardest impact of this is borne by the youngest lawyers, who are often ending up as nothing more than cheap labor for older lawyers with better control over the bar council system.


We have seen many fledgling legal services firms as well as law practices which drastically grew by applying principles of business management can be a massive competitive advantage for lawyers. In fact, almost all of the big law firms of today have deployed good management principles to achieve what they have now achieved.


Still, there is no systematic way for young lawyers (or the old ones) to learn about practice management. How do you hire better employees? How to set up the administrative systems of your firm? Should you have a website? Should you start a newsletter? Should you really attend expensive networking events and conferences?


At LawSikho, we have extensive experience of working with young lawyers to help them with their careers, which usually meant helping them to get a job. In the process, we realized that there is a serious need for supporting lawyers who are starting their practice, or aiming to expand, with management education.


That is how, for the first time, the Legal Practice Management Course in India shaped up. In the process, we have also been supported by the Management of and Libra practice management software. We have benefited a lot from original ideas and persistent inspiration of Hrishikesh Datar of Vakilsearch in our effort to build this Legal Practice Management Course.


Legal Practice Management: How can it help you?


Lawyers work very hard to build a practice. They build a reputation over the years, and after a point at least clients come in on their own. That is the widespread conception. However, when we met lawyers to do our initial research, lawyer after lawyer told us what a great pain it is to manage a law practice. The more you grow, more the shoe bites increase. A large number of lawyers end up walking on a tightrope without having any idea how this will ever get better.


Many lawyers asked us: why don’t anyone teach us how to do these things systematically?


However, more we dived in, we realised just teaching is one thing, that doesn’t solve the problem. Lawyers do not have access to all the technologies and the tools required for practice management.

What lawyers need is a complete package. Just the knowledge and insights don’t transform your practice.


We therefore went the extra mile, and brought together not only the knowledge but the tools and the services that would make a real difference for your practice, so you don’t have to work hard at implementation.


We are now offering all these tools, services, and a course on Legal Practice Management (at an introductory price for the first 3 months).


I am sure you will have lots of questions regarding the course. Please go through the FAQs or feel free to call us.


What kind of time investment does it require?


You need to give us just 3 hours a week.


Is there any unproductive time in your schedule? Maybe when you are commuting, or waiting in a queue, at the court or somewhere else? Do you ever waste time mindlessly on social media? Reclaim those hours.


Just spend 3 hours a week either on our mobile learning platform from your smartphone (Android for now, iOS app to be released soon), or from a computer for 3 months. This, along with your normal work schedule where you will fit in the execution of what you learn will be enough, if done consistently, to build a digitally empowered legal practice, and implement the best management practices.


Give us just 3 hours a week of your time, for sake of world class management in your practice!


How will I learn?

Once you make the payment, you will get access to an online learning management system which contains study materials to the course. Some study materials may be locked and will be unlocked over a period of time. You will learn visually through videos, textually and practically, from case studies and lessons in excellence.


To sum up, here is how we will be sharing content with you on the learning management system:


  1. Videos
  2. Text
  3. Webinars
  4. Practical Quizzes
  5. Lessons in Excellence and Case Studies


What will happen once I pay? What do you need to get started?


As soon as you pay INR 12,000 and book your slot, we will send you a questionnaire asking for basic information.


This information will be needed to build a story for your own website.


After the information is collected, we will setup your account and also help you bring your practice online, one of the key transformations you will be experiencing in the course.


You will also, at this stage, get access to the first set of modules which you can read. Quizzes, if any, will be shared along with the first module.


Tell me a little more about my own website, and the digitization of my office?


Your Website (available in Expand and Summit plans)


Your website is an extension of your practice. As a lawyer today, you can mention your practice areas, the nature of work you do and your accomplishments [only factual description of awards and recognition you have received]


Additionally, you can include maps and details which can help people reach your office. A smart lawyer will mention details such as how much it will cost by Uber / Ola Cabs to come to your office from different spots in the city [a litle encouragement has never hurt]


To see how your website may look, have a look at this sample we built for Shri Gopal Singh, President, Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association:

To sum up, your website will contain the following and more:


  1. Your name, address and contact information
  2. Your practice areas
  3. The list of cases which you have handled in each practice area [reported judgements]
  4. Your awards, rewards and recognition
  5. Membership of groups, associations and organizations you would like to share

Your Back-end Platform, LIBRA (available in all plans)


LIBRA is a practice management tool of choice for young lawyers, and we’re delighted to be associated with them as part of the law practice management course.


LIBRA takes over your office to help you organize the following:


For transaction focussed lawyers:


  1. Building a centralized calendar, integrating everyone's individual calendars [if you have a small firm]
  2. Building a task delegation and management system, allowing partners and senior associates to manage and delegate work across the firm
  3. Building a documentation vault where documents and information can be stored and retrieved conveniently
  4. Building timelines for every transaction and every client, so that all files can be accessed and the progress of work can be monitored digitally
  5. Link research with case files, so that priceless work and ideas for arguments are stored in a central location and not lost with the passage of time


For litigating lawyers


  1. Automating your cause-lists
  2. Preparing the Court Calendar for a litigating lawyer / firm weeks in advance
  3. Linking billing with cases, so that every hearing is billed
  4. Specialized IP, Criminal Law and Company Research
  5. 1000s of formats of practically every legal document and also court procedures for every major Court in India



By paying INR 12,000 you will get access to this course and three months of complementary access to Libra Legal Practice Management Software

Course Contents

  • Importance of vision
  • Case studies of successful lawyers - how did they grow their practice?
  • How to define and document your visions and goals
  • Short term strategies
  • Specialization v. general practice: pros and cons
  • How to decide if you should specialize in an area of law
  • Should you accept any matter that comes your way?
  • When to specialize and what to specialize in
  • What areas of law are best suited for you?
  • Check your digital readiness
  • How to build your digital readiness
  • Practical steps for building your reputation
  • Driving Referrals through word of mouth
  • Writing and scholarship to build reputation
  • Social media and digital presence
  • Action plan
  • How to define, identify and reach out to your ideal clients
  • Understanding your client and client's requirements better
  • Differentiating between clients
  • How to guide clients and prepare a roadmap
  • How to prepare for a meeting with clients
  • How to deal with unhappy clients
  • Hourly v. Fixed billing
  • Setting monthly revenue projections: monthly, annual and quarterly
  • Fixing monitoring and revising targets
  • Retainership: how to get them and how not to be underpaid
  • Using Technology to Monitor Billings and Follow Up for collections
  • Collecting payments online: cashless practice?
  • Dynamics of the legal services market in India
  • Solo practice v. Partnership
  • Getting empanelled by banks and institutions
  • How to enter into partnerships with larger law firms
  • Hiring and retaining stuff
  • Interns - how can they help you to grow your practice?
  • A digital presence for your law firm
  • Building long term relationship v. short term opportunism
  • Why most lawyers never succeed in building a network
  • How should lawyers go about networking
  • Does it help to go to events and seminars?
  • Are your clients other lawyers or non-legal people?
  • How to manage gatekeepers
  • Follow up or fail - how to build a system for following up
  • Mentors and mentees: pillars of your professional network

Industry Academia Panel

Hrishikesh Datar

Founder, Vakilsearch. Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017

Rohan George

Partner, Samvad Partners

Anirudh Krishnan

Founder, AK Law Chambers

Ramanuj Mukherjee

CEO and Co-founder, iPleaders

Success Stories

Imagine how it would be if you could navigate the usual legal and regulatory mess with ease, and make better decisions as you scale your business or career growth. Regulatory and legal difficulties is a huge hurdle to doing business in India, and very few people have mastery over it. We are inviting you to find out more about how we can add a touch of magic to your growth. Here are some amazing success stories of our students who have taken up our courses.

I am a computer science engineer by education, but an entrepreneur by profession. Having had no formal education in running a business I was always led to a lot of "learning the hard way". When iPleaders launched the course for Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws, in an e-learning mode I took up the course with the objective to understand all legal nuances related to running a business. The course covered things like; understanding of ESOP, Sweat Equity, Company Policy, License agreements, IP related law, EULA and lots of other content which made sense for our business.

Atul Gupta

Managing Director of InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd

I joined the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws while I was working with the Calcutta Stock Exchange. I had already done my LLB and was looking for a course which would give me some practical insight. I came across the NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws while searching the internet. I was looking for some course for value addition to my profile and knowledge. I had already done my LLB and MBA but wanted some practical knowledge. This course appealed to me, as it was dealing with business laws and I was working with a corporate. So this course was very significant to me and covered things which were relevant to me.

Sumit Sengupta

CFA, LL.B, Legal Counsel, Calcutta Stock Exchange

All modules in this course are meticulously designed with the emphasis on practical knowledge and it's very difficult to say which module was more informational than the other. Still, I particularly found the modules on statutory compliances, due diligence, business structuring and institutional financing to be really beneficial for me because I wanted practical insight into these topics. Non-lawyers such as businessmen are usually afraid of legal jargons that are found in books; however, this course uses a very simple and easy to understand language and therefore I recommend this course to all those who wish to enhance their business law knowledge.

Harshal Joshi

Legal Head, Legal Dog, LL.C

This course is something that would simply catalyze the process and help you in creating the best path for yourself. Being armed with a diploma in law from a prestigious national law school in itself speaks volumes – it gives the signal to the people working with you that your understanding of legal and regulatory situation should be and can be taken seriously. Given the kind of work I'm into, it does help a lot indeed, especially as one climbs the stairs of seniority and responsibility. The early headstart in legal strategy making and insights into dispute resolution is also a superb advantage.
Also joining the course has given me a new fraternity. It indeed feels great to have been associated with iPleaders…and I would be glad to continue with this relationship. I continue to get professional support from them. You can always reach out to the alumni or iPleaders founders themselves and ask for a favour.
I would strongly recommend this course to people (age no bar, beyond fulfilling the eligibility criteria) who are interested in bringing out something new (in any form) which shall be innovative and meaningful in the long run, and those who are interested in organization building – as the course helps in minimizing the number of legal and strategic hurdles that one may face after taking the plunge. You will be much more educated and smart with respect to a whole range of things once you even go through the course even partially.

Abhilash Acharya

Doctoral Fellow, IIM Ranchi

The placement support program offered by iPleaders was useful in securing my first job at Innove Law (a niche corporate law firm in Mumbai).

Unnita Bhattacharya

Associate at Krishnamurthy & Co.

This course has given me valuable insights such as drafting various agreements with clients, dealing with clients, and also choosing right organization structure my own venture and was able to help other entrepreneur in structuring their new venture.
Skills I learned during the course structuring a company, appoint advisors and remunerate them, drafting Co-Founder's Agreement, taxation of software product and SAAS companies, clear understanding of Shareholders' Meetings, legal instruments, Shareholders' Agreement, how to raise investments effectively, drafting employment agreement, Structuring ESOP& ESPS, How to avoid disputes and drainage of resources through courtroom battles, Data protection under Indian law, Cloud computing agreements, How to obtain copyright, trademark and patent registration in India.
Definitely student entrepreneurs studying in college will get a lot of benefits from this course. Interested students will be motivated like me to pursue their entrepreneurial journey keeping balance with various entrepreneurship network system, they can easily create a successful business venture without any hindrance.


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