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About the Course

Total Fees: INR 25,000

Location: Delhi

Exact Venue address shall be intimated upon Enrolment.

Duration: 3 months

Selection Process

You must apply by sending your CV and answering certain questions in this file:

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to [email protected] and [email protected] with subject line: "Application for Dream Job Bootcamp".

Those of you who will be shortlisted will first have a call with one of us over phone. Based on who we select from this round of telephonic interview, we will send a payment link to make the payment. 

Remember that you will have to attend this program in our office, which is in 33A (First Floor), Mehrauli Badarpur Road (100m walk from Saket Metro Station, Saiyyadulajaib Exit), New Delhi. If you cannot attend, do not waste your time by applying.

We will get in touch if we shortlist you.

We will only consider only the first 100 applications on first come first serve basis. We would ignore all applications after the 100th mail.

What exactly will we be covering in the 3 months of the boot camp?

See below for details.


The Dream Job Bootcamp

Are you someone who is hardworking, ambitious, looking to do well in a legal career but not getting the right guidance or opportunities?

Are you struggling to find a job that suits your ambitions and talents?

Are you being underpaid or under-used in your current job, and do not see much growth?

Are you applying and applying, giving a few interviews as well, but not quite getting the right jobs?

Have you left your first or second job unsatisfied, not getting the kind of work you actually want to do?

Maybe you are not able to put together the right profile for the jobs you want.

Maybe you are not able to communicate your worth and win the confidence of the kind of employers who can take you under their wing and make you grow.

It is a situation that a lot of law students and law graduates find themselves in. I know, because I have been helping many of them.

do not worry. Times are tough, and you are not finding the right environment, right direction, the right wind in your sails. I have been there, time and again, and I have guided dozens of young lawyers out of situations like this.

Imagine that there was a factory where you could go and get the right weapons to win your battle. Or better, a gym, where you can go and train yourself to become the kind of young lawyer that every senior lawyer wants to hire. The coveted top 1% of the law graduates, that law firms are ready to pay a signing bonus to hire! Prized juniors. I call them the five-star graduates.

Each of the five stars represents something.


star The star of communication
starThe star of research & legal acumen
starThe star of rigor & meticulousness
starThe star of integrity & organization
starThe star of validation


Having one or two of these stars are usually enough to be in the top 10% of law graduates and young lawyers. Having all 5 stars will make you a rockstar that even the employer himself is also in awe of and would want to hire even if there is no vacancy. 

Just think about it, do you want to become the kind of professional that an employer wants to hire even if there is no vacancy as such, and a new position is created so that the organization does not miss out on a talent like you?

Now imagine, you spend 3 months dedicatedly in a gym to develop these qualities in yourself, in a guided regime, under the observation of some experienced lawyers and trainers. Every day, you work on different skills. Every day you sharpen your skillset. Every day, you become a little more irresistible for a potential employer.

Honestly, this is what your law college should have done. Except, the are not forward looking or practical enough or even perhaps they are not at freedom to do this. Maybe, someday they will copy us and start doing it in law colleges. But till then, I assure you no college would have ever taught you any of what I am going to now tell you about.

At iPleaders, we have built a “gym” like that. So much so that we have helped thousands of law students and professionals who do our online courses to get jobs, internships, promotions and opportunities that others in their position do not often get. All that over an online process! To be honest, we are able to deliver only a small percentage of what we want to do through an online course, but even that is hundreds of times better than anything else available in the market today. do not take my word for it. See the success stories below.

Even our interns. When they come and intern with us, they go back different people from those who walked in. Some interns reported that they benefited so much from what they learned here, that they began to top in their class. Writing a moot memorial used to be difficult, something that took a week at minimum, but not after interning at iPleaders. Suddenly it has become a much less daunting task. Writing an article for publication is supposed to take weeks right? Suddenly they can churn out articles in hours.


We have a track record of putting people’s career on a fast track. What is the magic? How can we make people get their dream jobs on a consistent basis?

Conventional education is structured for a one-way transfer of knowledge or skills from the learner to the instructor. Our professional output and success, however, also depends on a lot of subconscious skills and mental patterns that we pick up in life, and how we apply them to our work. Conventional education is not able to address these skills. If you look at the people who are highly successful, you will notice that they are able to combine their technical knowledge with their mental strength. There is a certain strength of character, discipline and ability in them that enables them to go for and achieve things that others are too scared to even aspire for. 

Internships don't address this situation - in fact, most organizations don't give interns serious accountability. If you ask people who started working as associates to compare their internship experience with that as an associate, you'll notice the difference.

This gap manifests itself in a law graduate's careers. Many don't get the jobs they want, and those who do, find it difficult to adapt as law firms don't have the time to work on how you perform tasks (despite sharing knowledge and trainings with you). The fittest and fastest people to adapt automatically survive and rise up, while the rest quit because they can't keep up, or are disillusioned or burnt out.

This bootcamp will focus on imparting the skills that enable you to secure jobs of your choice and succeed in a real-life enviornment. 


How can we promise you results?

We have a passion for creating new ways of solving problems around access to justice. We have tested and fine-tuned the techniques that enable a young lawyer to succeed in his or her career for the past 5 years of our work on different products in the legal education and access to justice space. If you read more about us below, you will notice that we have been exploring very unconventional methods to produce results in our careers and the lives of our students and community. 

For the first time, we are putting out this Dream Job Bootcamp to the public. It will have only one goal. Those who join will be trained through practical work, day-in and day-out, under our personal supervision (of course, we will have a team to help us). There will also be a lot of work you will be doing on your own, to really get a sense of how it is to work in a real job with serious accountability (for example, that of an associate at a law firm).

Ideally, much before the end of 3 months, but in the worst case scenario, within 3 months of the completion of the bootcamp, you will have one or more job offers that you are satisfied with and excited about.


If you are struggling to find a job (and willing to stretch your limits), it is a no-brainer that you should apply.

However, here are our conditions: we will take in only 9 people in the first batch. Not even a single more person, no matter what, will be accepted. This is because we intend to give undivided attention to each person, so that all of them achieve incredible results.

As it is the first time we are conducting this program in such a way, we will charge only INR 25,000 per person for the entire 3 months (in future batches we plan to charge INR 50,000 and upwards). 

Given the size of the audience that iPleaders' email lists and this website have, we expect hundreds of applications. Naturally, we will be very selective about who is accepted in the first batch. do not worry if you do not make the cut, we will reach out to you when we start our subsequent batches in future.

Remember, we are not commencing this batch to earn money. This is really not economically rewarding for us from a business perspective, but we are doing this to kickstart a new phenomenon in legal education and training, and build the future leaders of the legal profession. It definitely sounds like a tall claim, but this is what our agenda is.


Do not apply for dream job bootcamp unless:

  • You are ready to come to our Delhi office every day for 3 months (6 days a week, 10 - 7.30 pm, sometimes you may have work from home on a Sunday) and work 9 - 10 hours every day on tasks assigned to you by us. Saturdays will be for taking stock of weekly performance and goal-setting. 
  • You are ready to suspend your personal belief and ideas about how to do things and ready to follow what you will learn here. 
  • Ready to get your hands dirty, push beyond your personal limitations and acquire new skills and abilities super fast.
  • You can write and speak acceptable English. We cannot train you in grammar and basic language and if you do not write correct English you will not get good legal jobs. So find an English teacher first.
  • People who crack CLAT or IIT JEE prepare for years, hours and hours every day so that one day, many years later, they will get a good job. We have just 3 months to train you so that you get a great job. You must respect that and work hard. That’s the only way you can succeed with the training.


What to expect from this bootcamp:


  • Everyday you will work for hours with attention and rigour. After all that is what lawyers need to do in big law firms and top litigation chambers and that is how successful lawyers are forged.
  • You will be writing a lot. Expect the speed of research and writing to be increasing manifold. You might be slow in the beginning, that is fine. But with every day the speed must increase. It is critical and we will spend a lot of time on that.
  • When we see you are ready, we may give you some real-life work. Maybe you will draft contracts, write a few legal opinions, prepare research, help litigators or negotiators in their work. This will be very different from what people do in usual internships, and your level of responsibility will be much higher. We want you to be able to talk about the work you do in your interviews so that the interviewer finds you ready to be hired. This is a critical process.
  • You will not be very comfortable as we will push the limits of your abilities. Will you like to go to a gym where you do not get tired after working out? That is ridiculous, right? Expect us to tire you out intellectually, and make you work extra hard with the idea and learning muscles.
  • If you are lazy, that is probably why you are not getting a job. We will push you to break your pattern, keep in mind that we are on your side.
  • If you cannot work long hours without too many breaks, remember that you need to as a lawyer. If you are coming to us, you are coming to learn how to be able to work like a lawyer, so be ready to do things that you do not usually do.
  • Remember that intelligence alone does not create a superstart lawyer. It is just a helping ingredient. We will put you through difficult tasks to make you five star, like we discussed above.
  • You will work on your communication skills a lot. You will improve your personal communication, both written and oral, and even work on how you communicate with the world at large. You will learn to effectively communicate about your skills and expertise to potential recruiters and clients, a very valuable skill for lawyers.
  • You will work on your operational efficiency and integrity. You will learn to be disciplined and orderly about your work, so that you can produce a predictable output.
  • Most of the work you perform will be designed to facilitate access to justice through legal education (as that is the focus of iPleaders), and it will have a very vital connection with the development of your professional skills, interview skills and recruit-ability. 
  • There will be a lot of focus on doing and results rather than sitting and learning in a passive classroom-type mode, or expecting to be spoon-fed. That's why it is a bootcamp.


The promise of the Dream Job Bootcamp 


The promise of the program is simple and clear:

  1. We will train you to take your ability to work as a lawyer to a level that will make you successful in your legal career and an attractive hire for any employer looking to hire good quality young lawyers with very effective legal skills.
  2. You will work on building up your authority and expertise in areas of law where you have interest and a good chance of being hired.
  3. You will work on building your professional network and learn to successfully interact and meet people who can help you in your career.
  4. You will bag interviews from law firms, lawyers and companies that are relevant to you and pay well
  5. When you will appear for interviews, you will come across as an exceptional young lawyer with a lot of legal acumen, proven track record and ability to get work done
  6. Your social skills, confidence and analytical skills will significantly improve
  7. You will leave the bootcamp a much better lawyer, prepared to embark on a great career journey with a lot of confidence and skills


Mentor Profile


Abhyuday Agarwal

Abhyuday AgarwalI cracked all the top Indian law firm interviews that I sat for on Day 0 in my college recruitment drive - Amarchand Mangaldas (it was not Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas and Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas then), Luthra and Trilegal.

I am really passionate about teaching and creating new products. I worked on creating with a team of 20 people.

I took up my first job at Trilegal, and quit in 10 months to work full-time to make educational products that make strategic corporate law skills and insights available for businessmen and professionals, so that they can progress in their career. The business law diploma course that I and Ramanuj developed with NUJS has been a huge success for 5 years, with learners from more than 20 countries, such as CXOs, businessmen, litigators, accountants and company secretaries benefiting.

In 2015, I introduced an online mentorship platform (iPleaders Club), which was the first attempt to provide structured career development and mentorship support to learners of an online course. This is really unthought of in the rest of the country. We are talking about mentorship in an online course, when most Indian universities don't even have a structured mentorship program for their mainstream degree courses.

Experiences while designing the club and mentoring learners enabled me to identify what can really turn around people's career prospects, their CVs, interview performance and confidence levels, the responses they receive to their job or internship applications. I saw several students succeeding, if they regularly performed certain pre-decided exercises with consistency (even without receiving personal mentorship).

Over time, Ramanuj and I have been fine-tuning these methods and testing their workability in different scenarios. It is time now to make this available to you in its fullest form through an offline bootcamp.


Ramanuj Mukherjee

Ramanuj MukherjeeI am the first person in my family tree to study law. I topped the law entrance of my time (2nd topper actually) and went to study at NUJS, despite having only rudimentary knowledge of English. Many factors were stacked against me:

  • I am a first generation lawyer hailing from a small town.
  • I could not speak in English, and was ruled out for moots and debates. For the first time in life, I had to study and write exams in English. Writing it in a new language was more difficult than studying the subject in the beginning.
  • My parents could provide little guidance apart from telling me that I can do anything I set my mind on
  • There was very little money and resources at my disposal (I hardly had money to get a Rs 50 recharge for my phone in a month). My education loan ran out by 3rd year as the University doubled tuition fees.
  • I was not very social, did not know how to talk to people and came across as arrogant to most. 
  • Law firms would not reply to my mails for internships, and I did not know what to do.


You can imagine, perhaps, how much I struggled. By end of the second year, I was into serious depression. I would not leave my hostel room to venture out. I felt the world is unfair. The odds were stacked against me. I had firm belief in my abilities and dreams, but the world would not take me seriously enough at that time.

And then one day I turned around. The world was not going to change, but I was ready to learn what it takes. Whatever it takes. I was not letting anyone stop me from living my dreams. 

Fast forward 3 years. By the time I was graduating, things were vastly different.

  • On Day 0, I got an offer from multiple Tier 1 law firms, and partners from two firms competed to get me and my co-founder at iPleaders Abhyuday join their firm. One partner told me that they are keen to have me on board because I have the X-factor.
  • I had interned at other tier 1 firms, and they were also interested in discussing if I would be interested in joining them though I had already secured a job and they knew it.
  • I did not study except for before the exams and gave little time to academics, but I still managed to rank in top 3 in several semesters.
  • I had an enviable network of professionals, lawyers, clients, entrepreneurs, advisors, techies.
  • I owned my own business that earned real money and had paid employees.
  • I negotiated venture capital investment deals for startups raising money from foreign investors and drew up their legal documentation.
  • I consulted a bluechip company listed in BSE (L&T) on legal risk management and was invited by the board to make a presentation on how they can reduce profit leakage due to legal issues. My 3 hour presentation was attended by more than 50 project managers apart from directors who sat on the board of a listed company.
  • I represented my University in some of the top moots in the world and the country. 
  • I wrote a paper of financial derivatives jointly with a friend from IIT Madras, which went on to be the highest downloaded paper on BEpress, a top online scholarly articles database.
  • I co-authored a paper on international space law involving Inter-continental ballistic missiles, which went on to be cited in a seminal book on space law, Outer Space in Society, Politics and Law, published by Springer Wien New York.
  • I earned enough by now, even before graduating from college, that a tier 1 law firm salary was not much of a pay raise.


However, all these were many years back, in 2011, the year of my graduation. Since then, I had the good fortune of being involved in even more interesting pursuits:

  • Within a year of joining, I quit Trilegal Mumbai to restart iPleaders, an online legal education company.
  • I started India’s biggest law blog, which is read by over 24,00,000 people in a year (plus growing at double-digit per month).
  • I am the CEO of India’s biggest legal education company, serving over thousands of paid students any given day. 
  • I am a co-founder at ClikLawyer.com, a rapidly growing legal services platform that is changing the legal landscape and making justice available to the common people. We have recovered over INR 2 crore of money that people had otherwise lost so far. It makes me proud. See how we recovered 15 lakhs for this JNU professor from a dubious brokerage company.
  • I was invited by IIM Ranchi to give a TEDx talk on my experience with access to justice in India. Here is the video.
  • I have been invited to take workshops and classes in top academic institutions like IIMs, IITs, NITs, ISB Hyderabad, NLUs and numerous other colleges and universities, on topics like Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, legal innovations etc.
  • I have trained final year students about how they can get their dream jobs in top National Law Universities like NUJS, NLU Delhi and dozens of others.
  • I am usually paid upwards of INR 10,000 per hour for the workshops I conduct. My consulting clients pay me higher than that for one-on-one time with me.
  • Legal or compliance courses conceptualised by me have been used by companies like Microsoft, BCG, Samsung etc. I have also been an advisor to many well known startups that have been funded or have been rising to great heights.


We have said a lot about ourselves and can say more, but The point here is for you to start seeing what is possible in your career.

If you are reading till here, you are someone who is interested in not just an average legal career so that you can just survive, but in becoming an extraordinary lawyer.

It is not an easy job. It takes time and consistent work and razor sharp focus on your goals. Some of you already have made some progress in the path and will know about this.


How can we deliver so much at such a less cost?


Yes, INR 25,000 is nothing for a breakthrough program like this. We could charge even 1 lakh and many would pay owing to the value they get. However, we want to make this accessible to people from all backgrounds. We are charging this moderate amount to ensure that the people who come into the program have some skin in the game and follow through, and do not drop out when things get difficult. 

However, we expect to give you work that will benefit us. For example, the best blogposts you write will be published on iPleaders blog. Some of the videos you make may go on to our YouTube channel or courses if they are good enough. The research you do may be used for a lesson (provided it meets quality standards). You may be doing part of the work that a lawyer delivers to clients. Your work might help us to build an educational product. 

We fully intend on using your work for best possible use we can imagine, and we will retain the right to do so. In fact, we will have copyright on all the work you produce inside of this program since you will be doing so under our guidance.

That way, it will be pretty much like an apprenticeship (which demands a lot from you and focusses extensively on your training and development). 

Activities and Skillsets

Build your LinkedIn Profile, Get Mentors, Add Value to Your Professional Network, Take Informational Interviews, Conduct Webinars
Build your LinkedIn Profile, Publish Blogs in iPleaders Blog and External Websites, You could also be recognized for your contribution as a Researcher for a Course on Courses.Lawsikho.com
Identify Possible Gap Areas in the Legal Industry and Get Deep to Identify What People Want, Build Yourself as an Expert there through Article Writing and Other Content-Related Tasks
Prepare a Template for Contracts, File RTI / FIR / Consumer Complaint, Article Writing and Other Content-Related Tasks, Mock Contract & Other Negotiation Exercises
Mock Interview & Feedback Systems, Develop Technical Expertise Through Webinars, Writing Articles and Chapters and Informational Interviews, Develop Confidence & Clarity Through Daily & Weekly Sharing of Learning
Reach out to people to get inputs on your articles, Take Informational Interviews, Conduct Webinars. Communicate over Email, LinkedIn and Phone Conversations
Delivering Inputs and Feedback To Ensure your Team Members Succeed Every Week, Group Leader For 1 Month
Practice Reporting Every Week and Weekly Tracking
Proof-Reading, Comparing Documents, Checking Lists (e.g. of Course Documents), etc.
Make Presentations Summarizing Your Findings, Create YouTube Videos, Write Articles and Do Real Work (see above)


Abhyuday Agarwal

COO and Co-founder, iPleaders

Ramanuj Mukherjee

CEO and Co-founder, iPleaders

Success Stories

Of people who have benefited in their career through our career development initiatives and training.

The placement support program offered by iPleaders was useful in securing my first job at Innove Law (a niche corporate law firm in Mumbai).

Unnita Bhattacharya

Associate at Krishnamurthy & Co.

iPleaders helped me to think like a professional and not like a student. I even landed my first job at a law firm in Mumbai through career support by iPleaders.

Pranusha Kulkarni

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc) at Tamil Nadu National Law School

As the day zero recruitment session came closer, I started preparing for the interviews. Apart from legal knowledge, there are several finer aspects of interview preparation. At this point I got in touch with iPleaders as career support is provided to all students and alumni of the course by experts from iPleaders. I was provided a personal session on CV advice which helped me a lot. I was told about the shortcomings in both CV drafting and my understanding of the subject matter covered in my CV. I was advised to understand the basic details pertaining to mergers & acquisitions. I was provided guidance on how to prepare for interviews. When I was in need of such assistance, the diploma course had indeed come as a blessing.

The instructions had given me a direction to work towards my goal successfully in a structured manner. I carried out research in the relevant subject areas and studied the same to the extent that they were relevant to the subject matter covered in my CV. This indeed ensured my performance in the interviews.

Sravya Kopparapu

Associate, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, NALSAR 2016

These 30 days changed my life and turned it upside down. The only difference is I was inverted then, these 30 days brought my vision and focus towards the correct path.

Anubhav Kumar Pandey

RGNUL Patiala (he wrote 50 published articles in 30 days during the internship)

An one month internship with iPleaders helped me drastically in enhancing my creativity, intellectual capacity as well as research and writing skills.

Sreeraj KV

Government Law College, Ernakulam

The sessions held by the iPleaders to boost the will of students to do better and help them in there career has played a major role in my life, as it helped me to choose my career. I was always worried about my career as there are many fields in law, and I did not know the area of my interest. However, one of the great sessions held by Ramanuj Sir did not only boost up my optimism about what all I can do, but also helped me set my goals. Kudos IPleaders! You did what no one else ever could do..! I will always be grateful.


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